female dj clare large female djsClare Large is one of the UKs most hardworking, dedicated and exciting DJs. Going to huge parties and raves from about 1994 inspired her to start DJing a few years later and put records together her way. Clare Large is all about fantastic quality, varied and solid music, ranging right across the board!

She’s one of those DJs who has just quietly been working away, travelling, having residencies, and slowly building a reputation and following over the 13 or so years she has been doing it!

She also started her own label Intelligent Audio in 2009 which has released over 70 tracks so far – 13 4 track EPs and one full length studio album. It’s a mix of deep, tech house music on one side, IA1, and loads of beautiful nu jazz, lounge, chill out and other eclectic beats on the other side, IA2.

Clare held down a brilliant residency at Cocoon in central London – a really high end, late lounge/sushi bar, where she played lounge and deep house every Saturday night for over 2 years.

She was a runner up in a Cream DJ competition, and regularly plays all over the world, whether its the Burning Man festival, tours in the USA, Canada, China, India, or Europe, or bars, lounges and clubs in London and elsewhere in the UK.

She’s played at all kinds of clubs, bars, radio shows, afterhours, free parties, festivals and unusual parties around the world, and lined up with the best in the business.

She’s played on and organized many extensive tours of America, Bulgaria, Canada, China and India, and has guested in Malaysia, Japan, Ibiza, Ireland, Mexico, Berlin, and has also undertaken sponsored tours, day events and promotions in addition to occasional own nights and residencies.

clare large female dj china tourClare’s open minded attitude embracing all styles of music make her incredibly versatile.

She really loves and has a lot of experience playing lounge and nu-jazz sets, either for bars and background music or a warm up for the night to come, or in a backroom.

She has played all over the world in deep and tech house clubs, and is also known to bang out the techno for certain choice promoters! ;-)

Clare absolutely loves DJing and is passionate about music.

She took some time out to set up her label, Intelligent Audio, so now she is really keen to get back into DJing properly again and is looking for a long term residency abroad.

She can work with anyone within pretty broad music specifications, so please get in touch and discuss your requirements – anything except commercial music is most welcome! ;-)

Clare has a degree (BSc), an HND in Music Technology and Sound Engineering, and she engineers and produces every sort of music. Her diverse tastes make her adaptable, very open minded and extremely versatile. She’s always smiling behind the decks! She’s approachable, friendly, amiable and enthusiastic. If you book her, your crowds WILL WANT MORE!!

clare large female djClare’s Experience:


MTV Canada: Interview and music filmed 5th July 2002, aired 6th July.
Zee TV : Interview in New Delhi, filmed 20th December 2003, unsure when aired.
China :  Lots of local TV coverage of Hennessy tour, June and July 2006.


BCFM(Bedford College Radio)
(1999) Twice weekly show, for a month, with a weekly countdown from
local record shop, and local prizes
Burn FM (Birmingham University) (1999) Weekly show, for a month showcasing brand new records
Bedlam FM (Derby University) (2000) Weekly show for 2 weeks, showcasing new records
BPM (Birmingham UK) Archived internet radio set
The Fire (Bournemouth)(2001/2) Pre-recorded guest mix, and live guest DJ spot
Amplified Radio (Guelph, Canada) (2001) Guest DJ
Kosmik Grooves (Guelph, Canada) (2001) Pre-recorded mix played and on another occasion live, as a
guest DJ, with interview (San Francisco) (2001-2) Guest DJ several times
Groovetech (San Francisco) (2001) Guest DJ, archived set
Global Grooves (Toronto) (2001) Guest DJ, and interview (Toronto) (2001) Guest DJ, archived set
LUFM (Loughborough University) (2002) Guest DJ
Unique FM (Nottingham) DJ Cas Roc Deep House Show, Guest Mix
clare large female dj mexicoTechnostate (San Francisco) 2 guest mixes
Syndicate Recordings(Seattle) Guest archived mix for internet station (UK)22.00-00.00 Wednesdays, 18.00-21.00 Fridays GMT. mixes played Mondays 6-8pm PST mixes played, random timeslots (Greece)No.1 overall download, over 9000 so far — went to about 12000, I was the top downloaded mix on the whole site, then they reset it in about 2010!! (UK)Long Running high traffic internet radio station out of Brighton UK (San Francisco)Forthcoming radio broadcast
Proton Radio Live set from Qool LA, aired October 2005
KSCR LA USA based radio station, 2hr live set, archived
KNRK Portland USA based, airing my mixes regularly
Tech FM Cork, Ireland regularly playing my techno mixes Various live and pre-recorded DJ sets, all techno, now helping run station
KKSR (Edmonton Canada) Various house, techno and broken beat sets as part of show
SS uk bi weekly show, mainly tech house and deep house, some minimal techno – did for about 6 months 2007-2008
Pre Party weekly deep tech house show on Netherlands based station for approx 1 year.


Maldives: Resident DJ at One and Only Reethi Rah for 3 months, playing lounge, chillout, deep house and more.

China Tour: Club Seven, Chengdu, 2046 Lucky Baby Bar, Dalian, A8, Nanjing,  Ningbo, Studio 78, Shanghai, Wynn Win, Shanghai

Osaka, Japan: Triangle

Malaysia: Power House Entertainment, Penang, & Kuala Lumpur

Berlin, Germany: Friends Electric @ Club Polar.T.V.

Ottawa: Chicks with Decks (2),

Quebec City: Strategy 2.0 (Quebec), Kool Kats

Montreal: The Beach Club, La Station Supperclub, Gloom @ MP3, Jello Bar

Toronto: Nation, Revolution(Cambridge), Van Goghs(Guelph), Atmosphere, Vault Lounge

Calgary: The Grey Goose

Sasketchewan: Connect Festival

Edmonton: Lost Tribe, Level 2 Lounge

Vancouver: 9.23AM Productions,One Summer Night, The World afterhours, Club Viva, Heaven on Pender, Wicked House Party, The One Lounge (Van Island), Clark St Afterhours

Arcata, North Cali: Sunday chill beach parties

San Francisco: FunkyCozy, Vivid, The Bubble Lounge, Fahrenheit, Huggermugger, Sister SF, Pixie, FeelGood Entertainment, The End Up, SooperQool, Qool, Gaarden, The Lo-Rise Motel, Elysium Music, Drop Culture, Minimal Mondays, Butter, Goodbeats- House of Shields, The Bambuddha Lounge, Tech-On, Sub Lounge, Lucid, Anu, Spin This!, Poleng Lounge, NK7

clare large female dj bulgariaLas Vegas: Soul Kitchen, Blank Canvas, 1st Friday, Pacific Soul Collective rooftop party

Los Angeles: Qool, Burning Man Decompression, Moonshadows

Seattle: Seesound Lounge, Contour, LoveTribe Productions, Syndicate Recordings

Reno: The Stock Exchange Afterhours, The Blue Lamp, Metropolis, Club Underground, Shooters

Burning Man: Illuminaughty, The Basswave Marina, Magic Glasses, Disorient, Sol System, House of Lotus, Operation, Friends and Family, Teknoasis, Psynapse Village, Solarium, Tramp Camp

Washington DC: Shortbus Raves, Innuendo

Mexico: Goagoa (San Luis Potosi) and local large club in San Luis

Bulgaria: Ice Dreams beach bar, Chervilo (Sofia), Planet Club (Varna)

Calcutta: Showhouse Entertainment

India Tour: Dublin, 10 Downing St, T2, Poolside (Hyderabad), Velocity (Bombay), 32nd Milehouse, Taskers (Delhi), The Saturday Club (Calcutta), Paradiso (3) (Anjuna, Goa)


Bedford: Enigma, and Exodus Free Parties, McLuski’s, The Club, The Bull Nose Bat

Birmingham: Immortal(XL’s & Club Millenium), Ouch (The Steering Wheel), Medicine Bar, University Ball, The Bar (formerly MoS bar), CO2 bar (Bobby Browns), Harleys, Mr Q’s

clare large dj veronica female djsBournemouth: Wax Club, Cheeky Little Monkey (The Showbar), Off the Edge and many others at Millenium Club, resident at Eclat (The Firestation), Mischief Promotions (Route 42), Club X,  The Country Club, Charlie Parkers, Fushi (Bar Tonka), Camel Club (res), Clear (res), Bar Med, Bar Tonka, resident in Bar So? every Saturday, Nu-Wave @ Jimmy’s (res), Viva Ibiza! @ Elements (tbc)

Brighton: Dolly Mixers (The Escape Club)

Bristol: Esoterica, The Maze, Ripsnorter (resident for about 8 years!), Pachanga!, Steart Beach free party, Carnage, Arc Bar, Casablanca, The Blue Mountain, Lakota

Bury St Edmonds: Plastic Surgery Free Parties

Cardiff: City Bar

Derby: Spin Out (The Courtyard), Soda Bar, Progress, Perfect Motion (Boom), Revolution, Soda Bar, The Late Bar, Moov, The Courtyard

Leeds: Babycream, Cream DJ competition (runner up overall!), Friends Electric @ The Warehouse

London: Bagleys Warehouse (Freedom), Plastic Surgery Boat Party, Technosis at The Fridge, Brixton, Revitalise at The Dogstar, Brixton, The Gallery at Turnmills, Sosho, Pure Underground at Mass, Brixton, Clear @ The Late Lounge, Cocoon (Sat resident for 2+ years), Dragon Bar, Cafe 1001, The Light, Alpha Beat @ Gramophone

female dj clare large female djsNottingham: Edge Club, Pure Filth (Techno at Bluprint), Market Bar, M.O.Tion (Rain), Loughborough student Uni, Brownes

Plymouth: The Underground

Salisbury: Rhythmicon, SundaysCool, neighbouring bar, Sunnyside Up (Enzo’s), Discowhip

Torquay: The Monastery, Route 66, Exposure

Weymouth: Club 101

Yeovil: Affluence

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