Clare Large : The Female DJ Returns!!

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female dj, female djs, clare largeHey everyone,

I took a little bit of time out from DJing as I was playing out every weekend and lots more as well as my main residency at Cocoon in London. It’s been really nice to have time to focus on the label I run, Intelligent Audio and take time to go away at weekends or just stay in and do NOTHING on a Saturday night!!!

However! That was never going to last, so I’m officially looking for more gigs now. I’ve got a few in the pipeline and also might be going abroad for a bit too. Watch this space! Exciting times!

I feel SUPER pumped up and ready to go, I have so much good music to share with you all I finally caught up to the real world too and invested in Traktor Scratch – absolutely brilliant!!

I also have some tracks I did with my boyfriend Nigel Hayes coming out soon on Intelligent Audio, hopefully within a few months – we’re still finishing them off.

So, if you would like to book me please use the contact page on this site, or you can find me on facebook too – the Clare Large Facebook page.

Stay tuned for more news! :-)

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