Deep Tech House Music | Clare Large at Sister San Francisco again

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clare large, deep tech house musicHere I was playing more deep tech house music a lot of which I discovered in San Francisco. I remember I went to Daly City Records and I bought so much new vinyl I had to buy myself another new record crate!

Another favourite place in San Francisco, and in later years, Berkeley and LA, was Amoeba Music… WOW what a store… I have got some TOTAL gems there for 50cents…. I even bought some tunes that I already had, just out of respect for the artists who had made that awesome record…. and thinking that if whoever else had skipped over that vinyl in the bargain bins (I always went there first!) – it serves them right for not knowing what an awesome tune it was..

Haha, although sometimes I got it wrong – you can’t listen to stuff there – and sometimes I went a whole tour of carrying these potentially awesome tunes with me, before I got home and realised, they were, in fact, wack…. LOL…

Id say I had at least a 70% awesome hit rate though… wish I could say the same for listening to digital downloads now… :-)

For more information about my record label Intelligent Audio, releasing nu jazz, deep tech house and lots more, please check the Intelligent Audio website.

For more information about Clare Thwaites and my abstract art for sale, please check the Clare Thwaites website.



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