Deep Tech House Music | Clare Large playing in Quebec City, Canada

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dj clare large, deep tech house music, techno mixes, house music artistsThis was a really fun weekend, I was playing deep and tech house music, at an after party – or it might have been an after-after party… in Quebec City, Canada. This was in some park, there actually were a fair few people there on the other side – haha…

My then agent Bianka from Global Sound Canada which wasn’t even set up then, was playing at a HUGE warehouse party in Quebec City and there was abotu 12 of us all drove up to party and hang out, it was a brilliant taste of raving canadian style! :-)

For more information about my record label Intelligent Audio, releasing nu jazz, deep tech house and lots more, please check the Intelligent Audio website.
For more information about Clare Thwaites and my abstract art for sale, please check the Clare Thwaites website.

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