Deep Tech House Music | DJ Clare Large at Sister San Francisco

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clare large, deep tech house music, sister sfThis was an awesome gig! I was playing deep and tech house and this was my first time in San Francisco, and I discovered SO MUCH new music while I was there.

I am forever grateful that my friend Annie – Dj Xanthoria – probably spelt that wrong – let me stay at her flat while she went to Burning Man – without that this leg of my first North American tour would never have been possible – Thanks Annie :-)

San Francisco has been and continues to be an incredibly inspiring place for me, and Im sure for many others. I love the vibe there, and all of the deep tech house coming out of the city (along with loads of other fresh sounds) and the jazz clubs, everything – except maybe the foggy weather :-) Big up to Forest Green too if you’re reading this xx

For more info about my record label Intelligent Audio, releasing deep tech house music and lots more, please visit the Intelligent Audio website

For more info about Clare Thwaites – me – and my modern art paintings and abstract art for sale amongst other things, please visit the Clare Thwaites website.

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