Intelligent Audio Record Label

Intelligent Audio Record Label

intelligent audio logoI launched my record label, Intelligent Audio in May 2009.

I’d been wanting to do it for YEARS and it happened when I met the amazing and incredibly talented Claire Manners (sax) and then Tony Reeves, who is part of Trademark and Forces of Nature, my main label artists.

They had such an amazing and extensive back catalog AND write so many new tunes all the time too that I thought it was a great opportunity to get things started, so a few meetings later, we kicked things off! :-)

I launched with a Trademark release on vinyl and digitally and have gone on from there and have released 1 album, 13 EPs and a total of around 70 tracks so far, with loads more planned every month – 6 weeks in 2012.

 How It Works

Intelligent Audio is split in 2:

IA1 releases deep and tech house, and when I have it, techno…

IA2 releases anything NOT housey, so lounge, chill out music, broken beat, afrobeat, nu-jazz, future jazz, liquid drum and bass, funky hiphop, whatever I like that makes me smile… jazzy and electronic music with soul…

intellilgent audio starting rosterWho’s Involved?

So far I have 3 main regular artists: Trademark, Forces of Nature and Nigel Hayes.

Trademark and Forces of Nature are my stalwarts, with me since the beginning of Intelligent Audio. :-) They’ve done lots of stuff before we met so if you would like to read their bio’s please check them out:

Read more about Trademark

Read more about Forces of Nature

Then whenever I think about it I approach other artists where I have really loved DJing their music out, some of them are super busy and can’t work with me and others might at some point and others still, are available and have wicked tracks…

Like the awesome Rithma from San Francisco who was my 5th double release…

Read more about Rithma

And last but by no means least, Nigel Hayes – I only had a couple of tunes of his when I contacted him and since he didn’t have a website and I couldn’t find out too much about him other than his myspace and agency profile,I had no idea the extent of his DJing and profile!!

I also had no idea when I contacted him that he had released 2 full studio live albums with loads of live musicians, and worked with loads of huge artists! So I am honoured to have him on Intelligent Audio, and I hope you are interested to find out more about him and listen to his music :-)

So far I have released 5 4 track EPs from Nigel, with another 4 tracker just about to drop, and he is talking of an album… so watch this space… :-)

Read more about Nigel Hayes

intelligent audio so farListen to Intelligent Audio Music

I have 2 options to listen, SoundCloud which has high res music but short samples, since I want people to appreciate the music so they then go and buy it and support the artists instead of recording a live stream…

Or YouTube, which has the full length audio files but not super high quality.

I will update this page with both, shortly :-) Or you can check out my releases page on the Intelligent Audio website too.

I’ve been working with Nigel Hayes on a KILLER joint 8 track EP…should be out by mid 2012… watch this space :-) We are just doing the final tweaks to it now :-) This will be the first time I have EVER released anything! Super excited!! :-)




  1. Hi Claire,

    I’m diggin your label , music and Nigel’s as well! I just bought as many EP’s as I could and I’m very glad to find such quality mature products.
    I’m also an artist, DJ and producer and write reviews on promos for labels such as Mole Listening Pearls etc. Glad to say hi and tell you I enjoy your work! Take care..

    C.G. Todaro

    • Hey Carey thanks so much for the kind words and support, we all really appreciate it! :-) I’ll send you an email (edited out your phone no and personal email here for web security reasons!

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